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Fundraising Programs Selling Christmas Wreaths. If you are looking for great holiday fundraising ideas, you have come to the right place! We have set up a Christmas fundraising program that is very easy! Whether you are big or small you will find our system to be easy to manage and very profitable.

Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Harvesting Practices

We have been working with fresh growing product for over 30 years. We are committed to maintaining and improving the environment that surrounds us in a sustainable manner. It not only is the way we make our living, but experiencing the great outdoors is an important part of all our lives.

We harvest the boughs from growing trees in such a way that the tree is not harmed and continues to grow in its natural environment. We are committed to preserving the forests in the Pacific Northwest and these beautiful Noble Firs will be there for everyone to enjoy for years to come!

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Once you have sent in your initial order we do allow you to add-on up to about a week before shipping. We know that there is always that last minute customer that you would like to include.

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Custom Orders

If your business or organization would like to customize your order, we are willing to work with you. We can provide special colored bows, cones or other custom ingredients that will make your particular order personal. There will be an extra charge for these services and custom orders must be placed early to enable us to satisfy your order.

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Local Delivery/Pickup

Customers that reside close to our facility in Tacoma, Washington often pick up their own orders.(We have had customers pick up their orders from as far away as Idaho or Oregon!) Customers within the Seattle/Tacoma area who do not wish to pick up their orders are offered our local delivery service. There is a small charge for local delivery depending on the size and destination of your order.

Local Delivery/Pickup orders do not need to order in Case Lots. These products (with a few exceptions) are not cased in boxes, but come tied in bundles.

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Minimum Order Quantity

If you are Local Delivery/Pickup there is no minimum. If we are shipping to you the minimum is one case. We want to encourage participation and we are pleased to work with all groups, big or small.

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Order Placement Deadline

Deadlines are always fun, aren't they? For shipping to arrive before Thanksgiving, the deadline is November 1. For shipping after Thanksgiving, the deadline for your order is November 10. Orders received after these deadlines will be processed in the order received and the delivery date may be affected. (You specify the delivery date you want when you send in your order.)

We know that circumstances arise that can make meeting a deadline difficult. We always will try and work with your group if that occurs.

Custom orders must contact us as early in the year as possible so we will be able to accommodate your wishes.

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Our Freshness Guarantee

L & O Evergreens guarantees all products to be in good condition when shipped. All products are inspected for quality prior to shipment.

If there is a problem with the quality of the products or a variance in the count, L & O Evergreens will make every attempt to rectify the situation.

We have always maintained excellent relationships with our customers and we take our guarantee seriously.

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Payment Methods

Payment Methods
L & O Evergreens accepts M/C, VISA and checks.

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Service With a Smile

The most important aspect of our business, other than the quality of our product, is you, the customer. We know that your satisfaction is the most important ingredient in running a successful business. You will find our staff to be friendly and helpful and we always take time to answer your questions.

We are often told by our customers, 'it is a pleasure to do business with you'. We're not patting ourselves on the back, we just want you to know that we take the quality of our service very seriously. If problems do arise, you can rest assured that we will be quick and courteous in resolving them.

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Christmas Wreath Shipping Information

We use several different shipping methods depending on the size and destination of the order. We always strive to find the most economical way to ship your order. (Of course, you are always welcome to set up your own shipping.) We ship via UPS, FedEx and commercial trucking.

If we are shipping via UPS or FedEx the charge is added to your invoice. If we have arranged shipping with a trucking company, we ask that you send us payment for the shipping at the time your order is shipped. We always work closely with you to arrange for your shipment to arrive on your requested delivery date, if possible.

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Terms and Conditions

All accounts are due in full 30 days after shipping. All accounts not paid 30 days after shipping shall incur late charges of 2% per month or the highest rate allowed by law. Buyer shall be responsible for all freight and shipping charges.

Due to the seasonality of holiday greens, orders cannot be cancelled after written confirmation by L & O Evergreens, Inc. and the buyer shall remain liable for the entire purchase price.

L & O Evergreens, Inc. will provide every buyer with 'Terms and Conditions' to be read and signed before commencing business to prevent any misunderstandings.

Commercial Buyers: contact us for details on wholesale wreath purchases.

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Christmas Wreath Care

Your wreaths and other evergreen products are shipped as fresh as possible. In general, these fresh products should last until after Christmas if cared for properly.

Here are a few suggestions to insure the longevity of your products:

Open the case boxes when they arrive so the products can breathe.
Remove the products from the boxes as soon as possible and store in a cool place. A garage is often just cool enough to protect them.
Give the products a good shaking when you take them out of the boxes to release needles that have dislodged during shipping. It is normal for some needles to fall off during shipping.
If you are going to be keeping the product for a few days before you distribute them it is a good idea to mist them with water and keep them in the shade.
Encourage your customers to mist the wreaths and keep them out of the hot sun as much as possible.
These products are intended for outdoor use... Read More

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